Continuos product development drives innovation in the food industry
Active product development and curious experimentation are the backbone of Kometos
Curious experimentation and investments in R&D keep Kometos on the pulse of the shifting trends of the food industry.
Kometos' test tray handling line for food industry
A test run before investing in food dosing and packaging machinery? Kometos can test clients’ food products on their test line
To ensure smooth ready meal production processes and the food packaging machinery’s compatibility with clients’ products, Kometos runs tailored tests at their facility.
Kometos after sales services ensure production continuity
Fast, responsive, and reliable maintenance services ensure production continuity and avoid downtime
The longevity of high-quality production lines is key to Kometos. Well-planned maintenance services ensure that our customers' production facilities remain fully operational well into the future.
Plant-based food packaging innovations
Evolving food processing: The impact of plant-based innovations on production and packaging
The growing demand for plant-based foods creates new opportunities for the food industry and plant-based food processing and packaging.
Utilizing the plant's waste heat saves energy in thawing
Energy-efficient thawing with Kometos products, utilizing the plant’s waste heat
More energy-efficient thawing means savings on the energy bill and good news for the climate.
Controlled thawing is the key to minimizing food production losses
The thawing losses of the food industry can be minimized with a controlled thawing process
Breaking the cellular structure of food during the thawing process reduces the quality of the product and increases losses. But controlled thawing can minimize losses significantly.
Plant based meat production process
Emerging trends and precision in plant-based meat production processes
Interest in plant-based meat alternatives is gaining traction. Discover the trends shaping the food industry and its manufacturing processes.
Opening in Slovenian market
First ever Kometos thawing solution has been delivered to Slovenia.
Matti Hiltula starting as the new CEO of Kometos
Matti Hiltula, transferring to Kometos from NT Liftec Oy, will start as the company’s CEO in July.
Dosing process automatization
Automation of dosing processes increases efficiency and improves product quality in the food industry
Dosing automation in the food industry increases production efficiency by freeing up labor for the more demanding tasks. At the same time, product quality is enhanced.
Meat thawing on industrial level by Kometos
Mastering precision in industrial meat thawing: Key considerations and operational best practices
From operational scale and product types to time constraints, explore key factors that influence the efficiency and quality of the thawing process.
thawing methods in comparison
Efficient food thawing process keeps the flavours, while minimizing losses
In the food industry, choosing the right thawing method is important both in terms of product quality, energy consumption, and labour costs.
Hallittua sulatusteknologiaa Australiaan
Controlled thawing under the Australian sun
Kometos’ controlled thawing technology is an excellent choice even for the extreme conditions of Australia.
Azerbaidzan market
Kometos on the path to Azerbaijan market
Kometos thawing solution will be delivered first time to Azerbaijan.
Ninni Salmi
Team Kometos sponsored basketball professional to Germany
Ninni Salmi from Kauhajoki, our sponsored athlete of 2022, is continuing her career in Germany.
Dosing equipment investing
Improved efficiency for the food industry with custom dosing units
Dosing units need to adapt to the seasons of the convenient food industry. Pay attention to these 7 points when choosing a dosing line.
slaughtering equipment Freund
Kometos is FREUND’s main partner in Finland
Kometos has represented FREUND for over 20 years, and a large portion of FREUND’s products are the part of Kometos’ offering exclusively for the Finnish market.
Production lines for the fresh produce sector
Kometos’ processing and production lines for the fresh produce sector
Among Kometos' most well-known solutions are the equipment and production lines used for processing meat and ready meals. However, the versatile equipment is also perfectly suited for the needs of the fresh produce sector.
Disruption of the meat industry starts with breaking it
"We want to help smaller players get into the meat industry", says Larry Dalton and Raimo Niemi.
Kometos sandwich element for food industry
Food production requires a lot from production facility structures – Kometos modules are designed to last
Kometos utilizes the advanced technology of ST Sandwich structures in various food production solutions.
Kometos ura
Three Kometos employees were recognised for their ten years of service with the company
At Kometos, we had the privilege of celebrating three professionals who have been working for our company for ten years.
Kometos and OP Yrityspankki join forces as business partners
Kometos has entered into a partnership agreement with OP Yrityspankki Oyj.
Efficient weighing packaging can minimize food production's losses
Manage give-away with an effective weighing and packaging line
In industrial food production, there’s always some give-away. But by optimizing the volume and weight of the portions it can be minimized.
Kometos toimittaa teurastamoja ja lihankäsittelytiloja Etelä-Afrikkaan
Kometos in South Africa
South Africa has long traditions in commercial butcher operations. Kometos slaughterhouses offer communal producers cost savings on transportation and a better price.
Kometos thawing
Atria Sweden invests in Kometos thawing solutions
Kometos has signed the company’s largest contract ever in the Swedish market area with Atria Sweden.
Cold chain solutions by Kometos
A tightly controlled cold chain guarantees high-quality food products
Hygienic processing at controlled temperatures in the cold chain is paramount in guaranteeing high quality and long shelf life of food products.
Kometos offers remote training for its’ sales network globally
In June, we organized a virtual product training and sales meeting for our company's agents around the world.
Botswana slaughterhouse installed
The installation was carried out by a four-man team of Kometos under the direction of installation manager Juha Leppinen.
Commercial thawing equipment by Kometos
How commercial thawing equipment designed by Kometos benefits the food industry
Commercial thawing equipment designed and developed by Kometos guarantees high-quality results and an energy-efficient process.
Kometos maintenance services closer to the client: economically reasonable
Kometos and Facomia Sarl from France have concluded a cooperation agreement on the maintenance of machines and equipment delivered to France.
Kamchatka has become closer to Europe, the food industry is developing with the help of Kometos Oy
Kometos has signed a contract with Tymlatsky Rybokombinat LLC for the supply of a model T501.9 -reindeer slaughterhouse.
Kometos is building a slaughterhouse in Botswana
Building a slaughterhouse in Botswana – overview of the project and expert tips
Kometos built a modern slaughterhouse in Botswana – learn more about the project and get the best tips for building a slaughterhouse.
Service life, portability and eco-friendliness are the important features of a washing street
Kometos and the Swedish Volvo Bil have concluded a supply contract for the delivery of a washing street to Gothenburg.
Finnmark Norway develops its regional economy
MinBoazu AS, a company based in Karasjok, invests in the development of reindeer husbandry with a modern reindeer slaughter system, which is supplied by Kometos Oy as a modular solution.
A business chain in Southwest Finland expanding with a new line of business
Kometos is building an ABC Carwash for Satakunta Osuuskauppa in Ulvila. The carwash will be completed in the vicinity of S-market, ABC service station and Hesburger Drive-in restaurant in the autumn of 2021.
Advanced automated dosing in ready-made food production contributes to economic efficiency
Kometos Oy delivers a line for the production of ready-made food to Valkoinen Puu Food Factory, who is expanding its operations in Kauhajoki with the production of ready-made lasagne products.
Mobileteurastamo nautakarjalle
Kometos delivers a mobile slaughterhouse for beef cattle in France
Kometos’ mobile slaughterhouses eliminate the stress caused to the animals in transportation. Learn more about our delivery to France.
Dosing unit
Kometos Spiran weigher dosing unit delivery to Domretor
Spiran volume- and weigher dosing units are an ideal solution for component dosing in the food industry, where dosing precision, speed, quick product changes and versatile control are fundamental requirements.
More carwashing power on the west coast of Finland
Kometos has agreed to supply a new car washing module to Rauma. The first cars in the new car washing module will be washed in early 2021.
Kometos is investing in the US food technology market
With the Business Finland / Tempo project, Kometos has achieved commercial success in its pilot project in the US food technology market.
Finncold thawing system to Switzerland
Our already familiar customer, is increasing their thawing capacity with Kometos´ modern system.
More carwash capacity to Helsinki, Finland
The modules of the washing street end three (3) self service halls were loaded yesterday at our plant in Kauhajoki.
More and more clean cars to Finland
Central Ostrobothnia Osuuskauppa (KPO) is building a new retail property in Isokyrö town.
Kometos´s development project for minimizing disruptions in a supply chain
Kometos Oy has started a development project which aims to minimize all possible disruptions in our supply chain.
Leading German based company in the field choose Kometos thawing solution
Leading German based company in the field choose Kometos thawing solution to be a part in their meat production processes.
Kometos opens the market to North America
Kometos Oy conquered a new continent, when the company's first delivery to North America was loaded last week.
Long-term cooperation brings benefits to both parties
Kometos Oy and AO Abi Product from Vladimir, Russia, have again agreed on a new expansion of the thawing system.
New significant partnership for Kometos Oy
Kometos Oy has signed a significant partnership agreement with Tecnovac, an Italian family-owned company specializing in packaging machinery.
The best choice for the best
A contract for the supply of four (4) Kometos FINNCOLD defrosting systems for fish, roe and crustaceans has been concluded between Kometos Oy and company LENTA
Finncold thawing system delivered and installed in Australia
The first (1.) delivery of Kometos to Australia reached the destination in early November.
Kometos delivered its´ 33. FMA -carwash module
The 33. FMA -carwash module from Kometos has been installed to Linnainmaa, Tampere.
Kometos´ first delivery to Australia
Kometos FC -thawing container (MTC-15) leaving on a 54-days sea voyage to Australia.
FMA-Double 14 to Nokia, Finland
Today we delivered FMA-Double 14 carwash modules for Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa.
Kometos / Washtec Sweden -cooperation
ometos Oy and Pamaco Totalservice AB (Washtec Sweden) have signed an agency contract concerning the sales of Kometos´ FMA carwash modules in Sweden.
Kometos Oy and Artos CZ signed a co-operation agreement
Kometos' operational representative network expands again - ARTOS CZ is company's 26th international agent.
The delivery of Finncold MTM-1 thawing cabinet to the Saaremaa fish processing plant in Estonia.
"Checking the options available on the market took its time, but we finally decided on the Kometos Finncold thawing cabinet."
Minimani engaged in a carwash business – guaranteeing the best wash in Vaasa
"We discussed various options with several equipment and hall manufacturers. The combination we finally selected - the Kometos Finmodules premises and Prowash machines - proved to be the best alternative for us".
Meatgard chose Kometos to implement a slaughterhouse project
Kometos delivers a whole 450 m2 slaughterhouse to Meatgard Ab at Inkoo.
Kometos Ltd and FMIC signed a cooperation agreement
The operational representative network expands to Southeast Asia - The Philippine´s FMIC will become the 25. international retailer of Kometos Ltd
Kometos´s new innovation introduced in Kitee
The two young men founded the Bonus Carnis slaughterhouse in the summer and decided to invest in a modern facility.
Kometos Oy to cooperate for development of Mongolia´s agriculture
Long-term cooperation agreement between ZAO Bat Gan Agro in Mongolia and Kometos Oy was signed on the Finland’s Independence Day on 06.12.2017 in the capital of Mongolia Ulan Bator.
OSK Varuboden – Osla’s choice: a Kometos car wash with Prowash machinery
The car wash hall with a modular structure was delivered by Kometos Oy and the TAKT washing machinery was delivered by Kometos' partner Prowash Oy.
Kometos / ProWash -cooperation
Kometos Oy and ProWash Oy have signed an agency contract concerning the sales of Kometos´ FMA carwash halls and –streets in Finland.
Meat processing plant to Botswana
23rd of November 2016 Kometos Oy and Robenco Construction Pty, a South African corporation signed sales and delivery agreement related to Kometos modular meat processing plant to be delivered to Botswana.
Kometos Oy signed co-operation agreement with IPS
Kometos Oy and IPS Innovative Process Solutions (Pty) Ltd , a South African corporation signed today 21st of November 2016 in Johannesburg the co-operation agreement.
Retailer -agreement to Saudi Arabia
Kometos Oy and the Modern Trade Street East have signed a retailer -agreement. According to the agreement the Modern Street Trade Est. shall market the Kometos thawing systems in Saudi Arabia.
International agents take interest in the Kometos innovations
The Kometos new innovative products of 2015 have clearly been needed on the market, as could be witnessed by the warm welcome these products received during the Agents' days.