Solutions for tomorrow’s food processing

Solutions for
food processing

Kometos is one of the most experienced supplier of turn-key innovations for food industry’s needs globally.

Our food processing equipment are designed for demanding conditions: in efficient thawing and freezing, accurate dosing and packing and agile production facility construction, we are your partner.

Food industry

Thawing, stiffening and freezing systems

We provide thawing systems for efficient and controlled defrosting of any deep-frozen food products.

Modular production plants

Hygienic, effective, appropriate, adaptable and extensible production line solutions.

Dosing and packaging lines

We offer a fast, secure and easily adjustable machines to tray processing in food industry.

Car washes

FMA-Standard 14
Carwash modules

The core of FMA-STANDARD 14 carwash concept is the unmanned Roll Over -washing machine. It combines safety, splendid washing results and excellent usability level. The washing machines have many available high added value options that may increase the average price of sold wash.

FMA-Double 14
Carwash modules

FMA-DOUBLE 14 is the washing concept for a good business location with many customers. As the name says, Double has two unmanned superior FMA-STANDARD washing machines. As to other concepts, these can also be complemented with high additional value options for increasing the average price of sold washes.

Services & trade

Spare parts service
Maintenance and spare parts guarantee our high-quality service

The main objective of our spare parts service is to secure the flawless functioning of our products and the continuity of the production processes implemented with them. All spare parts and equipment needed by machinery and production lines provided by Kometos Oy are available through our spare parts service.

Only the best from Kometos

We import products and manufacture them ourselves. More information our products.

Events and exhibitions

Kometos at Scanpack

Scanpack 22.-25.10.2024

Gothenburg, Sweden

Stand: E00:31

Visit Scanpack’s website

Comprehensive solutions for arctic production and processing operations

Kometos Oy provides modular food production facilities designed for special conditions, thawing systems, tray handling- and dosing lines; installed and based on the turn-key principle. Our turn-key deliveries include everything that is necessary – from the test use of production lines and equipment, to production process training and usage instructions.

Why choose Kometos?
Modern technology

Kometos systems are both efficient and easy-to-use. Kometos products minimize the giveaways and improve the processes without affecting the quality of the final product.

Long warranty

All Kometos products have an exceptionally long warranty, 3-5 years, because we use only high-quality materials and develop solutions, which we ourselves rely on.

Minimized giveaways

Kometos' solutions are accurate and help to optimize production, thanks to which giveaways are reduced and costs decreased significantly.

Quick payback time

Kometos’ turnkey delivered products enable a rapid change in production efficiency. That way the savings from reoptimized processes are seen immediately.

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