10 / 04 / 21

A business chain in Southwest Finland expanding with a new line of business

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Kometos is building an ABC Carwash for Satakunta Osuuskauppa in Ulvila. The carwash will be completed in the vicinity of S-market, ABC service station and Hesburger Drive-in restaurant in the autumn of 2021.

"The ABC Carwash to be built is the first carwash in the given retail chain. We have received numerous wishes to expand our services also with carwashes. Restaurant services with drive-in lanes will also be introduced at the ABC forecourt and ABC Carwash," tells the Head of Service Pekka Kakko.

"The future carwash in Ulvila will follow the familiar product format of Kometos: we build our carwash module on a stainless steel framework. The framework includes integrated rails and floor lattices for the washing machine, and wall and ceiling elements, which contribute to easy cleaning", says the Sales Manager Risto Salo.

Picture: Standard 14 -carwash solution previously delivered for a customer in Finland.

10 / 03 / 21

Kometos maintenance services closer to the client: economically reasonable

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Kometos and Facomia Sarl from France have concluded a cooperation agreement on the maintenance of machines and equipment delivered to France. The agreement is valid for an unspecified term and covers initially the maintenance of a mobile slaughterhouse to be delivered to a client in spring.

"Our clients appreciate local maintenance service, which is near to them. This is part of our strategy in the current situation, for example to minimize insecurities caused by travel restrictions. The agreement we now concluded reinforces Kometos' position in the region of Western Europe. We train the personnel of Facomia in France while providing commissioning training to our clients. Facomia has committed to be ready to respond, should we also need some other type of urgent assistance. Kometos operates around the world and similar cooperation agreements will be concluded also in the future, to ensure quick maintenance services to clients," told Risto Salo, the Sales Manager of Kometos.

Facomia Sarl, founded in 1975, is the oldest manufacturer of slaughterhouse equipment in France, specialized in manufacturing the equipment for slaughtering sheep, pigs and cattle.

24 / 02 / 21

Advanced automated dosing in ready-made food production contributes to economic efficiency

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Kometos Oy delivers a line for the production of ready-made food to Valkoinen Puu Food Factory, who is expanding its operations in Kauhajoki with the production of ready-made lasagne products. In addition to the traditional Kometos dosers and automatics, the line also features efficient robot technology delivered together with packaging and sealing units.

At the same time, Kometos will also deliver cooling, refrigeration and freezing systems to Aron Teollisuuskeskus Oy, who is building facilities for the new ready-made food plant. In addition to the premises currently under construction, the same estate already includes food industry operators - one bakery and the testing facility of Kometos Oy.

15 / 01 / 21

Kometos Oy delivers a mobile slaughterhouse for beef cattle to France

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Kometos Oy has concluded an agreement to deliver a mobile slaughterhouse consisting of a set of three vehicle combination to the French company Le Boeuf Ethique SAS.

Kometos has delivered several mobile slaughterhouses. The slaughterhouse to be delivered to France provides beef cattle farmers an opportunity to have their cattle slaughtered at their own farms, helping thereby to avoid animal stress caused by transportation and large slaughterhouses.

“After a veterinary examination, the animal´s own caretaker takes the animal in a vehicle without rushing, making sure there comes no stress. The concept of ethical animal treatment improves animal welfare and meat quality, as well as profitability through proper branding. The number of people demanding the food produced by our operating model is large and constantly growing”, says Emilie Jeannin, CEO of Le Boeuf Ethique.

Picture: A mobile slaughterhouse previously supplied to Sweden by Kometos with a capacity of 30 animals per day.


06 / 11 / 20

Kometos Spiran weigher dosing unit delivery to Domretor

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Spiran volume- and weigher dosing units are an ideal solution for component dosing in the food industry, where dosing precision, speed, quick product changes and versatile control are fundamental requirements. With this investment, Domretor Oy was primarily pursuing production cost efficiency, says Åsa Alanko, the Managing Director of the company.

Tuomas Paloviita from Kometos Oy tells, that Kometos is able to offer its customers an opportunity to test-run their products with dosing units available in Kometos premises: "The customer can send their product to us for testing. For test material we have cold storage facilities required by the food industry, and naturally the equipment for test-running. We can record the tests on a video, or even better; the customer can be present while we are testing their product. This way we can find quickly the right solution for the dosing of each product."

Kometos has readiness to deliver Spiran dosing units complete with tray dispensers, bin lifts and bin tippers, conveyors, dosing units for fluids, checkweighers, metal detectors as well as Tecnovac traysealers.

Picture taken in Kometos test premises after delivery´s FAT tests.

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