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Kometos offers remote training for its’ sales network globally
In June, we organized a virtual product training and sales meeting for our company's agents around the world.
Botswana slaughterhouse installed
The installation was carried out by a four-man team of Kometos under the direction of installation manager Juha Leppinen.
Commercial thawing equipment by Kometos
How commercial thawing equipment designed by Kometos benefits the food industry
Commercial thawing equipment designed and developed by Kometos guarantees high-quality results and an energy-efficient process.
Kometos maintenance services closer to the client: economically reasonable
Kometos and Facomia Sarl from France have concluded a cooperation agreement on the maintenance of machines and equipment delivered to France.
Kamchatka has become closer to Europe, the food industry is developing with the help of Kometos Oy
Kometos has signed a contract with Tymlatsky Rybokombinat LLC for the supply of a model T501.9 -reindeer slaughterhouse.
Kometos is building a slaughterhouse in Botswana
Building a slaughterhouse in Botswana – overview of the project and expert tips
Kometos built a modern slaughterhouse in Botswana – learn more about the project and get the best tips for building a slaughterhouse.
Service life, portability and eco-friendliness are the important features of a washing street
Kometos and the Swedish Volvo Bil have concluded a supply contract for the delivery of a washing street to Gothenburg.
Finnmark Norway develops its regional economy
MinBoazu AS, a company based in Karasjok, invests in the development of reindeer husbandry with a modern reindeer slaughter system, which is supplied by Kometos Oy as a modular solution.
A business chain in Southwest Finland expanding with a new line of business
Kometos is building an ABC Carwash for Satakunta Osuuskauppa in Ulvila. The carwash will be completed in the vicinity of S-market, ABC service station and Hesburger Drive-in restaurant in the autumn of 2021.
Advanced automated dosing in ready-made food production contributes to economic efficiency
Kometos Oy delivers a line for the production of ready-made food to Valkoinen Puu Food Factory, who is expanding its operations in Kauhajoki with the production of ready-made lasagne products.
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