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Thawing and freezing systems

Eesti Pagar reference thawing
Minimizing thawing time with controlled thawing process
With Kometos' solution, Eesti Pagar achieved a controlled and consistent thawing process.
Atria referenssi
Support for production rearrangement by increasing thawing process capacity
Based on good experiences from previous years, Atria Sweden wanted to continue the collaboration with Kometos.
Efficient freezing process ensures a high-quality product to the stores
Kotivara Oy, a company specializing in cured sausages and reindeer meat products, ordered a freezer container from Kometos at the end of the
Controlled thawing process optimises the growing food production
"The overall expertise of Kometos and security of supply are in a class of their own."
Fish industry
Optimizing thawing benefits production management
The client searched for a suitable solution for thawing frozen raw material for almost three years before deciding on Kometos'sthawing solution.
Vaissi refe
Vaissi confident with the traditional Finnish delicacy
"We already knew about Kometos from trade fairs. A newspaper article gave me more information, which coincided with our need for increased freezing capacity. This led to the procurement"
Finncold thawing system to Slovakia
Kometos is about to deliver a really big Finncold MTS-36 thawing solution to Preto Ryba in Slovakia.
Nõo Lihatööstys reference
Direction-changing double airflow works wonders in thawing
Kometos' direction-changing double airflow, improves the thawing system's speed and energy-efficiency. Here's how Estonian Nõo Lihatööstus has benefited from the new technology.
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