Efficient thawing process minimizes defrost losses

Hygiene standards approved for the food industry 

30+ years of experience in thawing and defrosting

Why choose Finncold defrosting systems and thawing chambers

Fast and controlled thawing with losses as low as 1%

The defrosting machine and equipment developed by Kometos ensure a fast and controlled thawing process that results in minimal losses, reducing the release of liquids and evaporation.

Easy-to-use thawing machine with minimal human resources

The Finncold defrosting system is easy to use and it doesn’t require active participation from your staff during the thawing process. 

Carefully tested thawing process

We use only high-quality components that we test in our facility in accordance with our quality assurance system. Over 30 years, we have delivered hundreds of thawing containers and defrosting machines all around the world. 

Thawing process that guarantees high-quality products

The Finncold thawing machine utilizes heat, controlled airflow, cryogenics, and humidity. As a result of the Kometos thawing process, the final temperature of the defrosted products can be between +3 – +4 °C. The surface of the product doesn’t open, this way avoiding draining of the product. Result? High-quality products with the right texture, color, and temperature.   

Hygiene standards approved for the food industry

Only indoor air is used in the Finncold thawing process. What’s more, our thawing containers and rooms are built with moisture-resistant and easily cleanable elements approved for the food industry. This guarantees hygiene during the thawing process. All internal surfaces of our thawing units have an antibacterial coating that provides lifelong protection against bacteria.

Versatile solutions for every facility

Finncold units can be set up either inside the factory or outside the production facility. Furthermore, an indoor thawing system can be provided as a drive-through version. The versatile and easily portable MTC-15 can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

How to minimize drip losses?

When defrosting food products, some liquid is always released. But the Finncold thawing systems keep the defrost losses as low as 1% of the weight of the product. 

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Finncold units are suitable for a variety of products

Meat and poultry

  • Raw meat, such as beef, pork, lamb, or reindeer

  • Poultry, such as chicken, turkey, or duck

  • Cooked meat products, such as sausages, nuggets, or meatballs

  • Ready meals

Fish and seafood

  • Fish
  • Shrimp and prawn
  • Shellfish, crab, and crayfish
  • Squid and octopus
  • Scallop, oyster, and mussel
  • Roe and caviar
  • Seafood products, such as smoked fish, fish fingers, or fish cutlets

Fruits, vegetables, and potatoes

  • Raw or precooked vegetables
  • Potato wedges, french fries, and other potato products
  • Fruits
  • Berries

Bakery products

  • Bread
  • Confectionary products
  • Buns, rolls, and biscuits
  • Cakes, pastries, and other baked goods
Didn’t find your product on the list? Ask for more information.

How our defrosting systems work

The Finncold thawing system utilizes heat, controlled airflow, cryogenics, humidity, and the “ice bank” formed by the frozen food products. 

Our defrosting system is based on a controlled thawing process where temperature, airflow, and humidity are monitored and controlled with sensors and fans. The sensors monitor both humidity and temperature. The sensors keep track of the temperature inside and on the surface of the product, as well as the room temperature. 

The largest thawing units, MTS-24 and MTS-36, operate on the so-called “medium system” and are able to use the thermal energy generated from the plant’s processes.

Kometos thawing process and control panel

Finncold thawing system

Thawing containers that double as short-term cold storage

Our thawing systems are equipped with a cooling system which makes it possible to use the thawing chamber for short-term cold storage (max. 48 hours) once the target temperature is achieved. Storage temperature is the same as the target temperature until the process is stopped.  

The cooling system also enables scheduled thawing (max. 48 hours). Place the products in the thawing container beforehand and set the desired start time for the thawing. Until the scheduled thawing begins, the thawing room functions as cold storage (max -6 °C).

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What our customers say about our thawing system

As these units have good efficiency, we have fully achieved our goals. The new thawing solution is efficient, but at the same time gentle on the raw material, and it supports our processes well.

– Sven-Åke Axelsson, Project Manager, Atria Sweden

Frequently asked about thawing systems and defrosting
What is ‘controlled thawing’?

When defrosting food items, the key is not to raise the surface temperature of the product. This way, the cell structure doesn’t break and the product doesn’t release liquids. The defrosted product is as good as fresh. This is what we call controlled thawing. 

How do different thawing processes work?

There are different types of thawing methods and industrial defrosting equipment:

  • Microwave and radio frequency 
  • Cold water thawing
  • Cold room thawing
  • Controlled air flow process 


The Kometos Finncold thawing system is the only controlled thawing method on the market. The thawing system allows the thawing temperature to be adjusted according to the product’s properties without breaking the product’s structure.

The Finncold thawing system is suitable for thawing all frozen foods. The defrosted products are as good as fresh because the surface temperature of the product doesn’t rise above the set target temperature.

Learn more about different thawing methods here.

Which is an approved method of thawing frozen food?

The approved methods of thawing frozen food can depend on the country you operate in and the local regulations. The Finncold thawing systems are used globally and they meet the strict hygiene standards of the food industry. 

The thawing method that our defrosting machines use is a so-called controlled air flow process. Our thawing machines monitor and control temperature, air flow, and humidity with sensors and fans, resulting in a high-quality and evenly defrosted end product.

Are Finncold thawing rooms suitable for cold storage?

Once the defrosting process is finished, the thawing chamber automatically switches into storage mode, keeping the food products at the desired temperature. This makes it possible to use the thawing room for col storing the products for up to 48 hours.

However, the thawing rooms aren’t designed for long-term cold storage. Learn more about our freezing systems that are ideal for freezing and cold storing food products. 

How is the hygiene of Finncold thawing containers guaranteed?

Our thawing containers and rooms are built with moisture-resistant and easily cleanable elements approved for the food industry. This guarantees hygiene during the thawing process. All internal surfaces of our thawing units have an antibacterial coating that provides lifelong protection against bacteria.

In addition, we follow the certified ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance program.

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