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Opening in Slovenian market
First ever Kometos thawing solution has been delivered to Slovenia.
Matti Hiltula starting as the new CEO of Kometos
Matti Hiltula, transferring to Kometos from NT Liftec Oy, will start as the company’s CEO in July.
thawing methods in comparison
Efficient food thawing process keeps the flavours, while minimizing losses
In the food industry, choosing the right thawing method is important both in terms of product quality, energy consumption, and labour costs.
Azerbaidzan market
Kometos on the path to Azerbaijan market
Kometos thawing solution will be delivered first time to Azerbaijan.
Ninni Salmi
Team Kometos sponsored basketball professional to Germany
Ninni Salmi from Kauhajoki, our sponsored athlete of 2022, is continuing her career in Germany.
slaughtering equipment Freund
Kometos is FREUND’s main partner in Finland
Kometos has represented FREUND for over 20 years, and a large portion of FREUND’s products are the part of Kometos’ offering exclusively for the Finnish market.
Disruption of the meat industry starts with breaking it
"We want to help smaller players get into the meat industry", says Larry Dalton and Raimo Niemi.
Kometos ura
Three Kometos employees were recognised for their ten years of service with the company
At Kometos, we had the privilege of celebrating three professionals who have been working for our company for ten years.
Kometos and OP Yrityspankki join forces as business partners
Kometos has entered into a partnership agreement with OP Yrityspankki Oyj.
Kometos thawing
Atria Sweden invests in Kometos thawing solutions
Kometos has signed the company’s largest contract ever in the Swedish market area with Atria Sweden.
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