Improved animal well-being

More control over the whole production chain

Portable slaughterhouses add more flexibility

Why choose Finmodules portable slaughterhouses

Less stress for the animal results in high-quality products 

Eliminating stressful transportation in trailers leads to a significant improvement in the well-being of the animal. This results in high-quality meat – something that a consumer is willing to pay a higher price for.

Slaughterhouses that meet the strict standards of the food industry 

All Finmodules slaughterhouses meet the strict hygiene and quality standards of the food industry. Our production plants are built with hygienic, antibacterial materials that are easy to clean.

Custom solutions for different animals

We’ve delivered a range of mobile slaughterhouses for different animals, including cattle, sheep, and reindeer. Thanks to their modular structure, our slaughterhouses are easy to customize for different needs.

Portable mobile slaughterhouse pictured from inside

Here’s how our portable slaughterhouses work

As their name suggests, mobile slaughterhouses are portable units. Our modular slaughterhouses are built in trailers that can be easily transported to farms. When the slaughtering is carried out by skilled staff directly at the farm, the animal is spared from unnecessary stress. And consequently, the resulting meat maintains a higher quality.

We can easily integrate additional production facilities into the mobile slaughterhouse. For instance, carcasses and organs can be cooled in a portable cooling room before processing the meat.

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Case: Swedish meat processing company pioneers in ethically produced quality meat

One of our customers, a Swedish meat processing company, had a problem: the local cattle farming was high-quality, but once the meat arrived at the slaughterhouse and store, its origin was untraceable.

The company wanted better control over the entire production and value chain. Their goal was to improve the animal well-being and provide better quality products to the consumer.

As a result, Kometos delivered a mobile slaughterhouse that allows slaughtering to take place directly at the farm, eliminating the high-stress transportation of the animal.

  • The mobile slaughterhouse consists of two trailers: one is the actual slaughterhouse, and the other is a separate cooling facility. 
  • After cooling, the carcasses are transported to tenderizing before further processing.

Mobile slaughterhouse in Sweden

Kometos has proper references and professional skills, and the large scope of the delivery saved us from a lot of work.

– Raija Rehnberg, CEO, Meatgard Oy

Frequently asked about mobile slaughterhouses
What is the cost of a mobile slaughterhouse?

It’s impossible to give the exact price of mobile slaughterhouses because the solutions are always tailored to each customer and they vary greatly. 

With Finmodules products, you can start with a smaller facility (and with a smaller investment) and expand the production plant as the operation grows. Our solutions are fast and easy to scale. For example, a plant handling 50 cows per day can easily be expanded to a daily capacity of 250 cows by adding new modules.

Thanks to the modular structure, our slaughterhouses are easy to expand. If you’re only starting your business, you can start with a smaller investment, instead of the usual large investments we see in this industry. When your operation grows, you can flexibly upgrade to larger facilities.

Can we add other production facilities to the mobile slaughterhouse?

Yes, for instance, a cooling facility can easily be added to the mobile slaughterhouse. Thanks to their modular structure, Finmodules production plants are easy to customize to fit different needs.

What animals are the Finmodules mobile slaughterhouses suitable for?

The Finmodules product line features mobile slaughterhouses for, amongst others, cattle, sheep, and reindeer. We have various modular slaughterhouse solutions that we can customize for your needs. If you’re looking for a custom solution, contact us.

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