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Plant-based food packaging innovations
Evolving food processing: The impact of plant-based innovations on production and packaging
The growing demand for plant-based foods creates new opportunities for the food industry and plant-based food processing and packaging.
Utilizing the plant's waste heat saves energy in thawing
Energy-efficient thawing with Kometos products, utilizing the plant’s waste heat
More energy-efficient thawing means savings on the energy bill and good news for the climate.
Controlled thawing is the key to minimizing food production losses
The thawing losses of the food industry can be minimized with a controlled thawing process
Breaking the cellular structure of food during the thawing process reduces the quality of the product and increases losses. But controlled thawing can minimize losses significantly.
Dosing process automatization
Automation of dosing processes increases efficiency and improves product quality in the food industry
Dosing automation in the food industry increases production efficiency by freeing up labor for the more demanding tasks. At the same time, product quality is enhanced.
Meat thawing on industrial level by Kometos
Mastering precision in industrial meat thawing: Key considerations and operational best practices
From operational scale and product types to time constraints, explore key factors that influence the efficiency and quality of the thawing process.
Dosing equipment investing
Improved efficiency for the food industry with custom dosing units
Dosing units need to adapt to the seasons of the convenient food industry. Pay attention to these 7 points when choosing a dosing line.
Kometos sandwich element for food industry
Food production requires a lot from production facility structures – Kometos modules are designed to last
Kometos utilizes the advanced technology of ST Sandwich structures in various food production solutions.
Efficient weighing packaging can minimize food production's losses
Manage give-away with an effective weighing and packaging line
In industrial food production, there’s always some give-away. But by optimizing the volume and weight of the portions it can be minimized.
Kometos toimittaa teurastamoja ja lihankäsittelytiloja Etelä-Afrikkaan
Kometos in South Africa
South Africa has long traditions in commercial butcher operations. Kometos slaughterhouses offer communal producers cost savings on transportation and a better price.
Cold chain solutions by Kometos
A tightly controlled cold chain guarantees high-quality food products
Hygienic processing at controlled temperatures in the cold chain is paramount in guaranteeing high quality and long shelf life of food products.
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