Spiran doser brings cost-efficiency to food production at Domretor

Domretor Oy in Kauhava is a contract manufacturer of high-quality ready-made and semi-manufactured food products. The business operations of the company include product development, production, packaging and logistics.

Besides high-quality raw materials and solid professional skills, the efficient, reliable and safe production lines ensure that Domretor manufactures food cost-efficiently, with high quality and in the agreed schedule. Domretor operates as an independent food company under Atria Finland.

Tailoring and equipment development based on test-runs

Domretor procured the Spiran weigher doser of Kometos in the end of 2020.

Spiran volume dosers and weigher dosers by Kometos are a perfect solution for component dosing in food industry, where the dosing precision, speed, easy product changes and versatile control are absolute requirements for production. A weigher doser with 2 heads can dose as many as 30 (250 g) portions per minute into customer's containers. The logic applied in the doser is Siemens S-7.

Domretor's decision to invest in the equipment came from the need to increase dosing capacity, lighten the load of employees and improve hygiene in the dosing process. The procurement was also aimed at increasing production cost-efficiency.

Cooperation with Kometos is made flexible by the opportunity to become familiar with the different types and suitability of dosers and to test-run customer's own products in Kometos’ production facilities before making the decision.

- "We were able to test the doser with our product multiple times in Kometos' premises. Based on these tests the device was tailored to Domretor's needs," says the CEO of Domretor Pekka Honkaranta.

The best price/quality ratio

According to Pekka Honkaranta, equipment procurements in food industry always focus also on minimizing production stoppages. It means that new equipment is expected to function as intended from the very beginning.

- "With Kometos, installation was very smooth, lasting only one workday. The doser functioned immediately as expected and its operation fits in the routine," tells Honkaranta.

In addition to localness and smooth testing, the quick and straightforward solutions, product tailoring and good service also made an impression in the cooperation with Kometos.

- "The solution offered by Kometos also had the best price/quality ratio," adds Honkaranta.

Product testing also by video

As a rule, the fastest way to establish the best solution for product dosing is when the client can come and test its products on site in Kometos facilities. If this is not possible, the company can send the products to Kometos for testing with dosers.

- "We have the refrigeration rooms required for food storage in food industry and we can record the tests on a video for the client," tells Tuomas Paloviita, the Product Manager of Kometos.

Along with Spiran dosers, Kometos also delivers tray denesters, container lifts and turning devices, conveyors, liquid dosing units, inspection scales, metal detectors as well as Tecnovac tray sealers.

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