12 / 05 / 16

New leading experts to Kometos´ key positions

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According to the new growth strategy of Kometos group, the corporation will multiply its current turnover by 2021. The first steps towards that goal have now been taken. One of them is the hiring of leading experts to the key positions in the company. "We want to strengthen our competence in all areas, enhance the working of our management group and import new leadership to our company", CEO Raimo Niemi sheds light on the backgrounds of the hiring of Jan Tapanainen.

Timo Pirilä, Jan Tapanainen, Raimo Niemi and Kirsi Niemi
Timo Pirilä, Jan Tapanainen, Raimo Niemi and Kirsi Niemi

Jan Tapanainen is the new development manager of Kometos. He has more than twenty years of experience in international trade, export and service business and a solid competence in the process development of industrial companies. On the 2ndof April 2016, Jan bought a share of Kometos.

"I want to commit myself to the growth strategy not only through my work capacity but also through owning a share of the company", the new development manager describes his high-level motivation.

New strategic priorities

All product groups of Kometos are market leaders in their respective areas. To implement the growth plan, the company has decided on new strategic priorities. The objective is to establish Kometos in the area of manufacturing in part directly in regional markets. At the moment, further opportunities in Russia are being scrutinized. Kometos will develop also its Russian subsidiaries in the future. In addition, the company will strengthen its sales network in Scandinavia and Europe and is intending to commence export to Africa.

Kometos has all requirements for greater success

During his career, development manager Jan Tapanainen has visited more than 60 countries and hundreds of different factories, lived four years in Italy and worked in different cultures. Based on his experience, he knows that Finland has plenty of top expertise, a vivid working culture and all the chances of success also in the future. But Kometos has something even better to offer:

"We have our own sales, product development, project management, key component manufacturing and installation and maintenance services. With the company`s core process in our own hands, we can influence things ourselves. For this reason, I believe that we`ll be able to achieve the targets of the growth strategy within the next five years."