24 / 09 / 20

Kometos is investing in the US food technology market

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With the Business Finland / Tempo project, Kometos has achieved commercial success in its pilot project in the US food technology market. Kometos is known worldwide as the market leader in the food thawing / tempering category.

In collaboration with U.S. subcontractors, a large food technology market is now opening up to North America. The first deliveries of thawing units will take place later this year to one of the largest restaurant chains in the United States. The thawing capacity of this unit is more than 20.000 kg / process.

Access to the North American food technology market has required the products to be modified to meet local authority- and user requirements, that differ significantly from European standards, e.g. for electrical systems.

Bus-controlled fans for the US market. The fans can be used to adjust the fan speed from 0 to 100%, which also reduces the thermal energy produced by the electric motor in the same proportion. This is one of the important properties in the controlled thawing of food e.g. when controlling the surface temperature of the product.

12 / 06 / 20

Finncold thawing system to Switzerland

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Our already familiar customer, is increasing their thawing capacity with Kometos´ modern system.

At the same time, this is one of the first deliveries of our spring development project, where the installation work, technical testing and delivery will be carried out utilizing a virtual / online installation.

09 / 04 / 20

Finncold thawing system to Slovakia

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Kometos is about to deliver a really big Finncold MTS-36 thawing solution to Preto Ryba in Slovakia. Preto Ryba is the biggest fish processing company in the whole market area. Preto Ryba factory is located in the small town of Zilina near Czech border. They are in need of more de-frosting capacity and after couple of reference visits in factories with Kometos thawing solutions they were convinced about our thawing solutions, reliability and results. The suitable solution for thawing of frozen fish were found during our visit to Preto Ryba with support of our local agent Mr. Roman Kalus from company Artos CZ. The new and modern thawing room solution became topical with the growth of production and expansion of the factory and it will have a enormous benefits in production planning.

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17 / 03 / 20

Leading German based company in the field choose Kometos thawing solution

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Leading German based company in the field choose Kometos thawing solution to be a part in their meat production processes. The leader in the pork and beef slaughterer in Europe is Tönnies Group from Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. On account of its modern slaughtering infrastructure, Tönnies is also developing increasingly pork meat exporting globally.

Kometos and our German distributor Emil Müller GmbH are both very proud of this latest delivery of Kometos thawing technology to Tönnies Group plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.

28 / 01 / 20

New market area for Kometos Oy again

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Kometos Oy conquered a new continent, when the company's first delivery to North America was loaded last week. After an estimated 45-days sea voyage, the FC –thawing system (MTC-15) will be installed in Atlanta, USA.

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