09 / 08 / 22

Kometos has signed the biggest contract in company’s history in the Swedish market

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Kometos has signed the company’s largest contract ever in the Swedish market area with Atria Sweden. Kometos has been operating successfully in Sweden for 30 years. The new contract with Atria Sweden, however, is one of the most extensive collaborations in Sweden.

"Atria Sweden is expanding and the need for thawing is also increasing considerably. For that reason, the client has decided to invest in four (4) Kometos Finncold MTS-24 thawing process systems with a total thawing capacity of almost 60 tons per process," says Kometos’ Sales Manager Andreas Nordberg. The installation of the systems will start at the end of October.

Atria Sweden's Project Manager Sven-Åke Axelsson tells more:

"In recent years, production volumes have been increasing in sausages, hamburgers and sous vide -products. Already in 2019, we invested in Kometos thawing process unit, because the production volumes of chicken products, mainly chicken sausages, were increasing.

When the decision was made in 2021 to expand the Sköllersta factory due to the increased volumes and the transfer of production processes from Malmö to Sköllersta, we also needed to build larger thawing facilities indoors, instead of investing only in separate thawing process units placed outside of the building.

We were satisfied with our previous investment in Kometos´ thawing process unit in 2019, and felt that the technological expertise of Kometos is excellent. Kometos had already met our needs before, so the final decision to sign a new contract with them, was not difficult to make. The new thawing system will be efficient, but at the same time gentle to the raw material, and it will support our processes well."

The sales negotiations have been carried out in cooperation with Kometos' Swedish agent Susanne Sjögren from OSAB.

19 / 07 / 22

Agent meeting 01-22

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In June, we organized a virtual product training and sales meeting for our company's agents around the world. In the future, we will organise similar trainings every four (4) months.

At the event, we presented our new company video and briefly reviewed the company's strategy for 2022–2026. However, the main focus of the event was on our products; with animations, videos and product cards, we went through our familiar products as well as our novelty products. Our maintenance and spare parts services were also presented. Our entire sales organization participated in the training.

Persons from left to right: Raimo Niemi, Eija Kuusisto, Risto Salo, Andreas Nordberg, Stanislav Talonpoika and Seppo Juntti.


11 / 07 / 22

Botswana slaughterhouse installed

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At the end of June, the installation of a slaughterhouse delivered to Tsabong by Kometos ended. The installation was carried out by a four-man team of Kometos under the direction of installation manager Juha Leppinen. "We flew through South Africa to Gaborone in Botswana, from where we continued by car about 500 km to Tsabong," Leppinen says. Our partner, IPS Africa, helped us in transportation, accommodation and other practical arrangements.

The transport from the Kometos factory to Tsabong took 60 days; in the photo below the convoy is 23.5.22 parked east of Windhoek Airport. The most challenging part was the road transport of nearly 1,500 kilometres from Walvis Bay in Namibia to Tsabong. The roofs of the modules on top of the transport trailers were about in six meters! Despite of heavy transportation, the modules were undamaged; this gives an idea of the flexibility and durability of the ST-Sandwish elements of Kometos.

Again, the installation of the plant worked quickly and effortlessly; the installation of five (5) slaughterhouse modules took approximately two weeks.

The construction of the slaughterhouse is now continuing in other respects and perhaps already in the autumn we will get pictures of the finished slaughterhouse.

07 / 02 / 22

Kamchatka has become closer to Europe, the food industry is developing with the help of Kometos Oy

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The Kamchatka Peninsula  is a 1,200-kilometre-long peninsula in the Russian Far East, widest point is 650 kilometres and with an area of about 370,000 km2,  that is, a little more than Finland. The Kamchatka Peninsula is located in the east of Russia between the Ohota Sea, the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The distance from Kauhajoki to Kamchatka is about 8,400 kilometers. The most important livelihood in the region is fishing. The region's industry is concentrated in the forest-, carpentry-, mining- and food industries. The mining industry produces coal, iron, gold and copper. In addition, crab fishing, cattle- and poultry farming and reindeer husbandry, as well as fur farming and hunting, are carried out.

Kometos has signed a contract with Tymlatsky Rybokombinat LLC for the supply of a model T501.9 -reindeer slaughterhouse. The construction of a modular slaughterhouse in the northern part of Kamchatka is planned to be completed in August 2022. The slaughter capacity of the slaughterhouse is about 600 tn per season.

In the first phase, Tymlatsky Rybokombinat plans to distribute its´ products in Russia. As new slaughterhouse operations developes, they are actively exploring demand in foreign markets, including Europe. All Kometos devices meet the requirements set by the European Union for food industry. Kometos also actively assists in arranging the export deliveries of its partners. This includes training experts to work in line with EU standards, developing a network of buyers in Scandinavia, the world's largest market for reindeer meat products, and consultancy support in the first export transactions.

16 / 10 / 21

Kometos is building a slaughterhouse in Tsabong, Botswana

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The construction of the slaughterhouse foundation and infrastructure has already begun, the slaughter modules will be delivered to Botswana in March 2022 and production is scheduled to begin in autumn 2022. The part of Kometos to this 14,8-million-dollar project is the delivery of modular slaughter line and slaughter facilities. "About 50 to 60 cattle or 300 small animals will be slaughtered in the Tsabong slaughterhouse a day. The project will at the same time facilitate the development of the livestock sector and introduce modern slaughtering methods’’, says Risto Salo, the sales manager of Kometos.

President Mokgweetsi Masis underlined in his speech at the opening of the slaughterhouse construction project,t that the modern slaughterhouse will facilitate the production and marketing of livestock and game products and increase the country's export revenues. "This project denotes the commitment of the Government of Botswana to a balanced and steady development. President Masisi also noted that the region faces a number of challenges, such as difficult climatic conditions and a lack of development, and that the region is known for its livestock, small livestock and game farming, so the slaughterhouse project is also extremely important for Kgalagadi County.

Kometos has over 30 years of experience in building various modular food-related facilities.


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