16 / 10 / 21

Kometos is building a slaughterhouse in Tsabong, Botswana

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The construction of the slaughterhouse foundation and infrastructure has already begun, the slaughter modules will be delivered to Botswana in March 2022 and production is scheduled to begin in autumn 2022. The part of Kometos to this 14,8-million-dollar project is the delivery of modular slaughter line and slaughter facilities. "About 50 to 60 cattle or 300 small animals will be slaughtered in the Tsabong slaughterhouse a day. The project will at the same time facilitate the development of the livestock sector and introduce modern slaughtering methods’’, says Risto Salo, the sales manager of Kometos.

President Mokgweetsi Masis underlined in his speech at the opening of the slaughterhouse construction project,t that the modern slaughterhouse will facilitate the production and marketing of livestock and game products and increase the country's export revenues. "This project denotes the commitment of the Government of Botswana to a balanced and steady development. President Masisi also noted that the region faces a number of challenges, such as difficult climatic conditions and a lack of development, and that the region is known for its livestock, small livestock and game farming, so the slaughterhouse project is also extremely important for Kgalagadi County.

Kometos has over 30 years of experience in building various modular food-related facilities.


26 / 04 / 21

Finnmark Norway develops its regional economy

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Finnmark Norway, Europe's northernmost region, is developing its regional economy and food industry in Karasjok. Karasjok is the second largest municipality in Norway and approximately 80% of its inhabitants are Sámi, and in the municipality works, for example, the centre of the Sámi Parliament.

MinBoazu AS, a company based in Karasjok, invests in the development of reindeer husbandry in the municipality of Karasjok in the Finnmark area, with a modern reindeer slaughter system, which is supplied by Kometos Oy as a modular solution. The capacity of the slaughterhouse is about 1.000 slaughters per day, the capacity of the plant reaches a maximum of more than 30.000 slaughters per season capacity.

"As a result of many years of co-operation, it was an easy solution to end up with the slaughter module solution manufactured by Kometos, which guarantees a very long-lasting structure and high-quality hygiene for the products manufactured. The slaughterhouse will be completed by the beginning of the upcoming slaughter season," says Lasse Kvernmo, CEO of the company.

15 / 01 / 21

Kometos Oy delivers a mobile slaughterhouse for beef cattle to France

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Kometos Oy has concluded an agreement to deliver a mobile slaughterhouse consisting of a set of three vehicle combination to the French company Le Boeuf Ethique SAS.

Kometos has delivered several mobile slaughterhouses. The slaughterhouse to be delivered to France provides beef cattle farmers an opportunity to have their cattle slaughtered at their own farms, helping thereby to avoid animal stress caused by transportation and large slaughterhouses.

“After a veterinary examination, the animal´s own caretaker takes the animal in a vehicle without rushing, making sure there comes no stress. The concept of ethical animal treatment improves animal welfare and meat quality, as well as profitability through proper branding. The number of people demanding the food produced by our operating model is large and constantly growing”, says Emilie Jeannin, CEO of Le Boeuf Ethique.

Picture: A mobile slaughterhouse previously supplied to Sweden by Kometos with a capacity of 30 animals per day.


24 / 01 / 19

Meatgard Oy

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Fully equipped modular slaughterhouse and meat cutting plant delivered by Kometos to Meatgard Oy was completed in August 2018. If all the work stages from livestock delivery to raw cooking of ready meat products takes place in a single plant, the activities in the whole meat processing chain become more efficient.

Uusimaa and Turku region has long traditions in agriculture and livestock farming. The Meatgard slaughterhouse project initiated by meat producers in the area was preceded by several years of research, calculating the costs and making in-depth analyses of various solutions. Comparison showed that the Kometos modular solution was the best choice for Meatgard.

"Kometos has proper references and professional skills, and the large scope of the delivery saved us from a lot of own work," tells Raija Rehnberg, the CEO of Meatgard.

Overall project of 1.5 million

The complex of nine modules SINA-NL7/1.9 included all machines and equipment for slaughtering and meat cutting along with relevant facilities: cold storage rooms, by-product rooms, social premises for personnel, and an office. The total investment into this project was around 1.5 million euros. The plant provides employment to four to six persons.

Kometos delivered not only the modules and structural designs, but also HEPAC, refrigeration technology and electricity, selected and produced the process equipment, completed the on-site installation, test-runs of the equipment and provided training about the production process.

Delivery by road to installation site

The slaughterhouse complex consisting of modules of different sizes was pre-fabricated at Kauhajoki factory up to the finishing stage, and was then transported by road to a ready foundation at the installation site.

"On-site installation, which took about one month, included connection of the modules, final installation and commissioning. Foundations and outside areas were taken care of by the client", tells Pekka Paloniemi, the Sales Manager of Kometos.

Multiple choices

The total area of the plant, which started its operations in October 2018, is 510 m². Slaughtering capacity is about 2000 animal units per year.

The plant includes separate production lines for cattle and sheep, while pigs and game are also processed in the plant. All the work stages from livestock delivery to the raw cooking and packaging of ready meat products take place in the premises of the plant.

"This makes the operations in the whole meat processing chain from the producer to the consumer more efficient – plant-to-plate path of meat becomes shorter," notes Raija.

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05 / 02 / 18

Bonus Carnis

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Bonus Carnis is a new slaughterhouse company from Eastern Finland. After a reference visit, the company placed an order on Kometos’s latest innovation, the Thomcont on-farm slaughterhouse. Putting the Thomcont into operation took less than a week.

Jari Paakkunainen will open a slaughterhouse in Purujärvi in February 2018 with his cooperation partner Veli-Pekka Uimonen. The owners chose Kometos’s Thomcont, which has been developed to serve small capacity needs.

- There’s a huge demand for this kind of activity, says Paakkunainen, CEO of Bonus Carnis.

The farmers transport the animals to slaughter themselves and also take away the chilled carcasses. The facility only serves customers who sell meat directly from their farm. Its slaughter capacity is 6-8 cows or 25-30 sheep a day.

Smooth and easy does it for the entrepreneur 

The Thomcont on-farm slaughterhouse is a modular food processing facility and a part of Kometos’s Finmodules product family. The Bonus Carnis meat processing facility consists of one module that contains hygienic and efficient spaces for the slaughter and chilling of animals and their carcasses. The facility is 13.4 meters long and 3.2 meters wide. The entrepreneurs take care of the construction of the social and by-product facilities themselves.

- We chose Kometos because it was so easy. This is a package deal, and the cooperation has been excellent, says Paakkunainen about the seamless partnership.

Kometos and Bonus Carnis entered into agreement in October 2017, and the product was delivered already in January 2018. Putting the module into operation took less than a week.

- This package deal has made our work a lot easier. We would have faced many sleepless nights without this cooperation.

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