31 / 01 / 22

Kometos has delivered four carwash modules to Neste in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

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The cooperation with Neste, which started from a pilot project, has already resulted in four carwash projects for Kometos in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Neste gas station network consists of almost 800 Express and service stations throughout Finland. The services of the transport stations are provided by local merchants and entrepreneurs, some of whom also run a car wash business.

There are only unmanned gas stations in Neste´s own operations in Finland. The automation of services is also included in Neste's Marketing & Services business unit strategy.

- Development of the car wash business is most natural in the existing stations, that we operate ourselves. Unmanned gas station goes well with unmanned car wash, says Petteri Kämpjärvi, who is responsible for Neste's car wash business in Finland.

Cooperation started with a pilot project

The cooperation began in 2019, when Kometos built a car wash module for Neste in Karakallio, Espoo.

- Both Kometos' reference sites and the Karakallio pilot project gave a positive image of the company, and thus the co-operation continued. The product is excellent, and Kometos is able to offer a competitive price for carwash deliveries, says Rami Pohtila, who is responsible for the construction of Neste's washing halls.

Long-lasting and durable carwash construction

The sandwich element used by Kometos were originally developed for use in food technology. According to Raimo Niemi, the CEO of Kometos, the conditions in the carwash modules are similar to those in the food industry.

- High humidity percentage and large temperature differences between inside and outside are straining for the structure. The non-condensable and waterproof wall and ceiling structures, developed by Kometos, and the stainless steel structures enable a durable and long-lasting integrated modular structure in the carwash modules, Niemi assures.

Kometos has a high prefabrication rate

Kometos' car wash concept consists of one to three washing modules and a technical module.

The core of the Carwash FMA-Standard 14, with capacity of washing 6 cars per hour, is an unmanned carwash module, combining safety, good washing results and availability rate, as well as programs changing according to the seasons. The equipment operates independently, and material choices have minimized maintenance and service needs.

Manufacturing, equipping, and test runs of process lines are carried out at the Kometos factory in Kauhajoki.

- We were responsible of the foundations ourselves and the products were ready to use upon delivery. In total, the washing module delivery including foundation works took three months, Pohtila notes.

Neste has made no changes to the technical solutions of the halls. The external appearance of the halls is implemented in compliance with the Neste brand.

Trustable, high-quality and reliably delivered

According to Pohtila and Kämpjärvi, Kometos' materials are of high quality and the design solutions are highly thought out.

- You can clearly see that Kometos has a long experience in carwash module deliveries, says Kämpjärvi.

- The carwash modules were delivered precisely according to the agreed schedule, so the coordination of the work went smoothly, Pohtila adds.

Effective, long-term partnerships are of great importance to Neste.

- The future is still unwritten, but Kometos is an option to be considered for the carwash deliveries in the coming years, Kämpjärvi says.

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19 / 05 / 21

Service life, portability and eco-friendliness are the important features of a washing street

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Kometos and the Swedish Volvo Bil have concluded a supply contract for the delivery of a washing street to Gothenburg. The service life and portability of the Kometos washing street were the decisive features for Volvo Bil in selecting the supplier. The street will be equipped with a new washing street technology, including double conveyor carpets, making it especially user-friendly, also for electric vehicles.

- "In addition to the long service life, the focus is on the environmental-friendliness of the ventilation and drying equipment, where the heat generated in the drying process is utilized in the heating of the washing street. Water recirculation equipment is also included in the washing street system," tells Risto Salo, the Sales Manager of Kometos.

According to Volvo Bil, the washing street will wash more than 100.000 cars per year. The street will be completed in November 2021.

10 / 04 / 21

A business chain in Southwest Finland expanding with a new line of business

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Kometos is building an ABC Carwash for Satakunta Osuuskauppa in Ulvila. The carwash will be completed in the vicinity of S-market, ABC service station and Hesburger Drive-in restaurant in the autumn of 2021.

"The ABC Carwash to be built is the first carwash in the given retail chain. We have received numerous wishes to expand our services also with carwashes. Restaurant services with drive-in lanes will also be introduced at the ABC forecourt and ABC Carwash," tells the Head of Service Pekka Kakko.

"The future carwash in Ulvila will follow the familiar product format of Kometos: we build our carwash module on a stainless steel framework. The framework includes integrated rails and floor lattices for the washing machine, and wall and ceiling elements, which contribute to easy cleaning", says the Sales Manager Risto Salo.

Picture: Standard 14 -carwash solution previously delivered for a customer in Finland.

13 / 10 / 20

More carwashing power on the west coast of Finland

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Kometos has agreed to supply a new car washing module to Rauma. The first cars in the new car washing module will be washed in early 2021.

Kometos has more than 20 years of experience in building car washing modules and the company has contributed to the development, that Finland´s average car washing volume has almost doubled in recent years. Previously, the average number of washes per year was 3,3 / car. Currently the amount in question is about 6 washes / car.

ABC Prisma Linnainmaa Tampere, FMA-washing street (year 2019)

09 / 06 / 20

More carwash capacity to Helsinki, Finland

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The modules of the washing street end three (3) self service halls were loaded yesterday at our plant in Kauhajoki. Last night the modules were lifted to their positions and the installation can now start.

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