Product number 1202003010

Product quality

All Kometos’ products and deliveries have a five (5) year guarantee. This extraordinarily long guarantee shows that we trust our designs and technology and we only use high quality materials and solutions. All Kometos products fulfil the quality requirements of European Union standards. Kometos follows the ISO 9001:2008 quality system standard.

Technical information

Products Boiled or raw vegetable or root crop cubes, boiled pasta and rice, raw or baked meat cubes, potato slices and strips.
Dosing range 50 - 700 g
Dosing accuracy ± 10 g ≥ 150 g package, ± 5 g ≤ 150 g package
 Speed 25 - 50 portions / minute
Actuator Electric servo motor 
Control system Kometos, with Siemens plc colour display. Dosage size is set from the control panel.
Applications Enables to pre-programme 99 different product recipes.
Product container volume 200 L; water hydraulic tipping into washing position.

Bin cart lift for 200 l bin cart

Mass transfer pump directly from the bin cart.