Product number 1202001010

Technical information

Products Liquid products like soups, sauces, mayonese based salads, jams, honey, water, oil etc. Products can contain solid particles Ø 3 mm (product- / model specific feature).
Dosing range According to cylinder diameter and piston stroke from 10 – 5000 cc per dosing cylinder.
Dosing accuracy < 1 %. Depending on product characteristics.
 Speed Up to 60 cycles per minute depending on product and volume.
Actuator Electric servo motor 
Control system Siemens plc with colour display. 99 different recipies can be pre-programmed. Possibility for load cell controlled portion adjustment for equal weight. Counter for portions.
Applications  Traylines, thermoformer lines, bottle / jar filling and other similar applications
Product container volume 30 L;  level sensor controlled, stirring tool available as extra option.
 Accessories Stirring tool, paint-function for dosing, heating for product container, product transfer pump