Product number 1201000150

The Kometos “Finntray” traypacking line is a flexible  loading system for various products like filets, cut loin, stripes, poultry and even multi-component packing for example vegetable mixes and meat or fish components. Products can be packed in variety of trays according to customer´s needs. Adjustable denesters for several traysizes are available. 1 – 8 pcs working stations for manual loading.

Working stations can be equipped with load cells to determine the exact weight of the product  and the final weight can be adjusted to a fixed weight by adding sauce with a Finntray sauce depositor. Other components such as spices, cheese etc. can be added in the trays as well with appropriate depositors.

The equipment can be integrated with every  traysealer machine. Checkweighers, metal detectors or x-ray as well as robotized case packers can be integrated in the line. Materials and components have been chosen with greatest care to ensure maximum performance, high hygienic level and easy and effective cleaning process. The height of the platforms is adjusted with water hydraulics.

Product safety

All Kometos products fulfil the quality requirements of European Union standards for food hygiene:
- The main regulations for food hygiene are:
- Food Act 23 / 2006 ( Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland )
- Regulation (EC) 852/2004, on the hygiene of foodstuffs
- Regulation (EC) 853/2004, laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin
- Regulation (EC) 854/2004, laying down specific rules for the organisation of official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption

Furthermore, in Finland the standards and regulations for food processing and animal products are especially strict and this has also been taken into account in Kometos’ design and engineering work.

Technical information

Capacity Depends on number of operators and product, 40 – 60 trays per minute for 4 – 6 operators and 1 component. 
Denesters Fully electric function. Denester manually adjustable for M4 – M8 plastic trays, styropor- and cardboard trays. Optional. Empty tray buffer conveyor  for 30 min production.
Construction Fully food contact approved materials. AiSi 304 grade stainless steel and food contact approved plastic grades.
Control system Plc Siemens S7 with colour touch-screen operator interface. Remote access option for service connection.Data recording & collection software available as option.
IP Class IP 65
Power supply 400 V/50 hz, 16A
Air supply 6 bar, 50 l/min
Lay-out Several lay-out options available