Kometos Finntray – Ready at once?

Our product range includes a variety of dosing and material handling systems for the food processing industry. We offer system solutions that meet the needs of customers and are able to enhance and improve the production process. All delivered systems meet the strictest quality and hygienic requirements. Our in-house design and manufacturing allows us to provide customers with standard products as well as customized solutions.

Advantages of kometos dosing solutions

  • Quick pay-back time
  • Minimum give-a-way
  • Fully automatic or semiautomatic
  • Flexibility; quick product change
  • Easy to clean


Kometos finntray dosing line solutions

The dosing line is used for dosing solid product components or their mixes and adding sauce/cream or other liquid components to create a ready meal. The line can be used for soups, potato, carrot, beetroot, beans, rice, macaroni or pasta, cheese cubes, meat cubes or stipes, fish pieces or several componets that are premixed.

Dosing in aluminium or plastic trays

  • Capacity 25 – 35 portions/minute with 2 dosing heads.
    Depending on product characteristics.
  • Weight range 50 – 750 gr


Tray dispenser

  • Pneumatic models for capacities up to 40 trays per minute
  • Electrical models for capacities from 60 – up to 140 trays per minute
  • Changing of tray size, possible even without tools. Max tray size is 280 x 360 mm
  • Automatic buffer belts for tray stacks as option


Spiran weight based dosing unit for solid products

  • Dosing of solid products in a weighing hopper for accurate weight control
  • Gentle handling of the product
  • Fast and accurate weighing
  • Fast and easy product changes


Nestan liquid product dosing unit

  • Volume based dosing unit. Dosing range 50 – 300 ml or 100 – 500 ml per cylinder
  • Servo motor actuator for accurate dosing for hot or cold liquids
  • Touch screen operator panel. 99 preprogrammable recipies
  • Accuracy < 1 % with max 2 mm particles in the sauce


Minced meat traypacking line

  • A flexible loading system for minced meat portions into plastic trays automatically.
  • Manually adjustable denesters for several tray sizes
  • The line can be integrated with a traysealer machine and can be equipped e.g. with checkweighers and x-rays.
  • Manufactured from certified plastic and stainless steel materials for food contact use.