Slaughterhouse for reindeer and sheep T-502.8

Product number 1001055028


FINMODULES - modular production facilities is an easy and secure solution, when hygiene, efficiency and durability are required. Our modular production facilities are suitable for several branches of food processing industry and can be tailor made to meet all needs and requirements due to the fact that they can be modified and expanded.


Kometos Finnmodules modular facilities are standardised and allow customers to easily expand their plant at a later stage when their needs and production grow. Kometos offers a wide range of solutions from one module entry level solutions (Thomcont) to facilities consisting of up to 30 modules.

Technical information

Capacity 200 reindeers or sheep / 8 h
Carcass weight 35 kg both reindeers or sheep
Freezing capacity 6.000 kg reindeers or sheep / day
Electricity 400 V, 50 Hz, 350 A
Water 50 – 100 l / min, 4 bar, 2”
Waste water Ø 110 mm