Fish processing plant FM-F3.4

Product number 1001100304


FINMODULES - modular production facilities is an easy and secure solution, when hygiene, efficiency and durability are required. Our modular production facilities are suitable for several branches of food processing industry and can be tailor made to meet all needs and requirements due to the fact that they can be modified and expanded.

Fast payback time

Thanks to our one supplier concept, the delivery of Kometos’ modular facility is much faster than building a plant using traditional methods and organising tens of separate engineering suppliers (construction, HVAC, process equipment, lighting, drainage systems, electrical work, process control, etc.). Fast delivery from one supplier allows significantly faster start up of production. Kometos can supply a complete plant faster than any other supplier or group of suppliers out there.

Technical information

Fish alive to the factory, live weight 4 - 5 kgs.
Separate carcass, fillet, smoked products, cutlets and other fish products. Head, scales and fishbones separates to feed plant.
Fish processing 1,75 tn / day manufactured product.
Need for raw material 3,5 tn / day.
Electricity 400 V, 50 Hz, 400 A
Water 70 – 100 l / min, 4 bar, 2”
Waste water Ø 110 mm