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Carwash FMA-standard 14

Product number 1002022010


The core of FMA-STANDARD 14 carwash concept is the unmanned Washtec washing machine. It combines safety, splendid washing results and excellent usability level. Washtec appliances have many available high added value options that may increase the average price of sold wash. Equipment operations are fully independent - payments can also be made via self-service terminal or a mobile phone. For wash control and monitoring, we offer ready servicing models on 24/7 bases.

* Programs change according to the season.

Technical information

Electricity 400 V, 50 Hz, 125 A 
Water 60 l /min, 4 bar
Drain Ø D160 mm
Capacity 10 cars / h
Washing cycle 4 x 16 cycle*