12 / 06 / 20

Finncold thawing system to Switzerland

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Our already familiar customer, is increasing their thawing capacity with Kometos´ modern system.

At the same time, this is one of the first deliveries of our spring development project, where the installation work, technical testing and delivery will be carried out utilizing a virtual / online installation.

09 / 04 / 20

Finncold thawing system to Slovakia

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Kometos is about to deliver a really big Finncold MTS-36 thawing solution to Preto Ryba in Slovakia. Preto Ryba is the biggest fish processing company in the whole market area. Preto Ryba factory is located in the small town of Zilina near Czech border. They are in need of more de-frosting capacity and after couple of reference visits in factories with Kometos thawing solutions they were convinced about our thawing solutions, reliability and results. The suitable solution for thawing of frozen fish were found during our visit to Preto Ryba with support of our local agent Mr. Roman Kalus from company Artos CZ. The new and modern thawing room solution became topical with the growth of production and expansion of the factory and it will have a enormous benefits in production planning.


17 / 03 / 20

Leading German based company in the field choose Kometos thawing solution

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Leading German based company in the field choose Kometos thawing solution to be a part in their meat production processes. The leader in the pork and beef slaughterer in Europe is Tönnies Group from Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. On account of its modern slaughtering infrastructure, Tönnies is also developing increasingly pork meat exporting globally.

Kometos and our German distributor Emil Müller GmbH are both very proud of this latest delivery of Kometos thawing technology to Tönnies Group plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.

28 / 01 / 20

New market area for Kometos Oy again

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Kometos Oy conquered a new continent, when the company's first delivery to North America was loaded last week. After an estimated 45-days sea voyage, the FC –thawing system (MTC-15) will be installed in Atlanta, USA.

17 / 07 / 19

AAS Läätsa Kalatööstus

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AS Läätsa Kalatööstus, the dynamic fish processing plant on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia was looking for a suitable solution for thawing the frozen raw material for almost three years.

"Today, your own thawing cabinet is a must and has a huge impact on production management. Checking the options available on the market and reaching the purchase decision took its time, but we finally decided on the Kometos Finncold thawing room", says the CEO Toomas Aul.

"Once the decision was made, Kometos quickly delivered us with the thawing solution, the implementing of which went also smoothly. The thawing cabinet is in use for 5 days a week and is now an integral part of our production chain", says the production manager Taavi Tamm.

 "Kometos had references, integral solution and professional competence and the delivery went smoothly right from the ordering to the commissioning", compliments the satisfied client. 

Small, but still a dynamic project

Kometos has a long and solid expertise in various thawing and tempering solutions and strong process management skills. Through calculations and comparison of different solutions made the thawing solution of Kometos the best option for AS Läätsa Kalatööstus. The thawing cabinet assembly contains all necessary technology including the solution for humidification. Additionally, the Kometos Finncold MTM-1 can, thanks to its compact size, be easily placed in a production space that is lower than a regular one.  

The delivery of Kometos includes complete ready-for-use refrigeration technology, PLC-automation and also electricity, making the installation so easy that you just have to plug the cabinet into a socket and the thawing cabinet is ready for use, however, it also requires compressed air and water.

– "In this case, the installation time at the site was only two days, including final installation and commissioning", says Tommi Wirtanen, Sales Manager at Kometos.

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