Product number 1104040000

Technical information

Size 13400 x 6900 x 3500
Capacity 2 x 36 Euro pallets (2 x 20 000 kg) / Process
Area of activity -20 °C, FiLo
Frame Self-supported, specially designed welded metal frame with 8 pc supporting legs. 
Weight Total weight appr. 14 000 kg.
Connection data - Electrical connection: 400 V / 36 A.
- Drain connection, for condensation water.
Cooling Hermetic refrigeration compressor together with condenser and evaporator, refrigerant R449, cooling capacity of 13 kW (-35 °C/+32 °C). A cooling evaporator coil electric defrost.
Air circulation with propeller fans.
Control Thermostat-controlled freezing process. Operating switches built into the loading door jamb.