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Thawing-, stiffening- and freezing systems ›
We provide thawing systems for efficient and controlled defrosting of any deep-frozen food products.


Tray packing and dosing lines ›
We offer a fast, secure and easily adjustable machines to tray processing in foodstuff industry.


The modular foodstuff plants ›
Hygienic, effective, appropriate, adaptable and extensible production line solutions.

Kometos Finmodules A autopesumodulit


Kometos Carwash Modules ›

Carwash solutions according to turnkey principle, installation on location takes only 1 – 2 weeks.

New quick process technology Kometos Finncold thawing, freezing and stiffening systems ensure minimised drop loss, uniform product quality and an easy, automated process.

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Kometos has further developed its thawing systems in order to better meet the requirements of the users

Thawing system innovation includes a new advanced aggregate …
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Minimani engaged in a carwash business - guaranteeing the best wash in Vaasa

In the future, clients travelling with a car will also be ab…
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The Operational representative network expands again - new international retailer from Taiwan

Kometos Ltd and the SLS Consulting Ltd from Taiwan have sign…
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Eurotier 2018 trade fair

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppä opened the j…
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